Detective agency Korona AIK - Services


The basic activity and professional experience of “Korona AIK” is in collecting facts in cases like cheating, family conflicts and age crises.

We also offer juridical consultations to both private and juridical clients.

Tracking of hiding or missing persons, people with no constant address etc.

Collection of biographies and other types of data.

Collection of facts and proofs in cases of doubt for lack of qualification or breaking a company secret.

Check up the authenticity of ID and driving license

Due diligence.

Observation and expert conclusion in divorce, criminal and civil cases.

 Provide security, security cameras, also “cleaning” of offices and houses.

Check up the status of a company.

Check up the authenticity of biographies and diplomas.

Ensure psychic consultations.


  • Real estate

  • Child custody

  • Criminal defense

  • Accident Investigation

  • Divorce

  • Investigations

  • Personal Protection

  • Security

  • Security systems setting

  • Surveillance

  • Witness Interviews

  • License and ID verification

  • Lawyer consultation

  • Psychotherapeutic consultation

  • Appraisals

  • Asset and Background Searches

  • Asset Investigations

  • Asset Protection Businesses

  • Background Check

  • Bill & Account Collection

  • Child Care Payments

  • Civil Investigations

  • Client Meetings

  • Collection Research

  • Construction Investigations

  • Corporate Investigations

  • Corporate Records Research

  • Court Reporting

  • Court Research

  • Court Searches

  • Covert Camera Installations

  • Criminal Background

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Criminal Records Research

  • Current Property Owner Searches

  • Divorce Asset Investigations

  • Document Preparation

  • Drivers License Information

  • Evictions

  • Expedite Service (48 hours)

  • Expert Consultations

  • Fire and Explosion Investigations

  • Flat Service Rate

  • Fraud

  • Handwriting Analysis

  • Incorporations

  • Information Collection

  • Insurance & Criminal Investigations

  • International Services

  • Interpretation/Translation Services

  • Interviews

  • Investigations

  • Locate and Interview Witnesses

  • Meetings & Seminars

  • Missing Person Investigation

  • Motor Vehicle Searches

  • Municipal record searches

  • Nationwide Service

  • Occupancy & Property Inspections

  • Personal Property Searches

  • Personal Protection

  • Photocopying

  • Photography

  • Post Office Checks

  • Postal code searches

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • Pre-Marital Investigations

  • Private Investigation

  • Private Investigations

  • Property Protection

  • Property Searching

  • Public Records Searches

  • Real Property Records Research

  • Research

  • Routine Service (3-10 days)

  • Rush Service (24 hours)

  • Staff Meetings

  • Suicide Investigations

  • Summons and Complaints

  • Surveillance

  • Translations

  • Witness Interviews


Discretion is GUARNTEED!

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Detective agency Korona AIK - Security, Investigations, Discretion

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