Why use a private detective when I can do the job myself?

Very often people who need to ensure the loyalty of a partner or to alleged infidelity or other fraud, decide to do the job themselves and often fail. Subsequently, realizing the need of a professional detective. Unfortunately, after having failed and have given away in front of the  "subject", who has already become suspicious, the detective’s job becomes even more difficult. An advantage of the private investigator is that he acts impartially, he is trained for the work and knows tricks and has professional technic to disclose the offense. He also has a lateral view and is able to make an objective analysis of the behavior of a given "subject." Another important moment in detective’s work is that the he has a professional surveillance equipment and other types of special techniques that help in the process.
In Bulgaria, the private detective meet many difficulties in their work on behalf of clients who can not give precise definition of the task or are afraid of being deceived, this is mainly caused by the lack of established laws in this kind of activity. The powers of a private investigator must comply with those of a policeman, as the activity is similar. Both handle with information and seek irregularities. For example, American films in which the detective leading the investigation finds the necessary information faster. In the U.S. there are only four states that have no law for detective work and this is an impediment for local detectives.
In summary, we can say that to get someone with proper information and photographs to reveal the fraud without disturbing the balance of their relationship with a partner, the best thing to do is hire a detective agency.

What does a “private detective” mean?

"Well organized intelligence helps by providing for enemy’s subtle thoughts and actions. It is not needless for everyone to know about the capabilities of 
intelligence and some tricks, which can be triggered by both you and the other side." These are the words of Anatoly Taras to detectives in his course. His lectures are very interesting for people, who intend to develop in the field of intelligence, research and detective work.
In the last few years detective activity gained a lot of popularity in Bulgaria, while in the 90’s private investigator was considered racketeer, part of a 
known and unknown mafia groups. The demand of these services has become fashionable to date, thanks to American movies, that have spread the sympathetic image of the detective. In fact, the modern Sherlock Holmes" is a true unusual and eccentric personality. He is always on cases, which he resolves in a fabulous fashion, not as the casual militia – like a textbook and on regulations. The privilege of the private detective is, that he is the boss of his own, he invents the scheme of work and take all the responsibility. The bad part is, that the investigator’s activity is not regulated by law and all the consequences are taken by the private detective, so he/she could be brought to court as a witness or his/her activity could be accused and his/her cover – revealed.
Another downside of this profession is that some clients are not psychologically stable and they commit to their partners in life or in business, that they 
have arranged a detective investigation, which results in many cases in a massive failure. The truth is, that when the private detective takes a case, he/she signs an assignment document and he/she takes a personal obligation for keeping all the received and forwarded information as top confidential.

This type of research activity is an exclusively male profession, but it has transformed itself during the years  and a lot of women began to practice. It is 
even believed, that women are a bit better at this jobs due to overlapping of the fact, that woman is the weaker gender and always the underestimate one. It is a saying in the thick books, that women need to take care of home and family and therefore they are more observant and sensorial in any regard. Most of the major and most difficult cases are resolved by women detectives.
In conclusion we can point out, that it is a difficult and interesting profession, but it cannot be done by everyone. Many think often, that he can perform 
the so-called "tracking". This term is not part of the private investigator’s dictionary, because he/she performs "external surveillance". Professional detectives agree to risk and sacrifice their family life, when they become a private detective. What matters is only the completion of the next task.  
"The others’ life become ours, and he is precious."

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